Advanced Digital Imaging

TRIOS Intraoral Scanner provides accuracy and efficiency

Dr. Cummings is proud to offer the most innovative technology in digital imaging thus far. The TRIOS digital scan is, quite literally, digitally perfect. Before digital imaging, patients needing impressions to fit a dental restoration had to endure bulky trays of thick impression gel. Taking conventional impressions, or molds, was an uncomfortable and frustrating process that sometimes produced flawed results and necessitated a second round of impressions. But the new TRIOS scanning technique is beneficial to both the dentist and the patient by producing fast, virtually perfect results.

Designed to replace the uncomfortable and imprecise method of taking conventional impressions, the TRIOS digital impression system is an exciting new technology that is light years ahead of the cumbersome and expensive digital impression systems available today. Powered by proprietary imaging technology, TRIOS enables the periodontist to take a digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite and make any necessary adjustments in real time.

An accurate impression is fundamental to a successful outcome in restorative dentistry. Conducting digital impression procedures with TRIOS provides consistent, superior results. The TRIOS scanner captures all elements and materials found in the mouth without messy powder or gag-inducing PVS impression material for an improved patient experience.

With TRIOS, patients become engaged in the process as they see their dental work on screen.